Walk/Bike to School Days

 Planning a Walk/Bike to School Day

March is Mobility Month

With great weather returning, now is a good time to plan walk to school days. Start by downloading the flier template on this page. Then schedule a date with your principal, recruit volunteers and get walking!

You can also download our Walk to School Day Planner or click here for more tips.

February is Heart Healthy Month

February is a great time to share the love of walking to school. In fact, as a valentine gift to your besties, ask them to be your walking buddy!

Download the image to the right, print and color it in. Then share with your walking buddy.

International Walk to School Day: October 12, 2022

Join thousands of schools and millions of kids around the world in this annual celebration of active transportation!

Download the flier to the right or visit walkbiketoschool.com for more resources.

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May is Bike Month! 

Walking or biking to school is a great way to promote a healthy, active lifestyle among students. Students learn responsibility, good decision making and community awareness. And remember, more kids walking or biking to school, means fewer cars, less pollution and safer, cleaner neighborhoods!

Celebrate Bike Month with a Bike to School Day!

Below is a week of ideas build enthusiasm. Be sure to practice your routes to school or to a fun destination in your neighborhood.

And remember, walking or biking to school does not necessarily mean door-to-door or even everyday. Take the 3 Block Challenge and park and walk at least 3 blocks to school at least once every week. Each day and every block you don’t drive makes a big difference. So whether you walk to school once a month, once a week or every day, know you are doing your part to create a healthier, safer community.

Start by downloading our flier on this page and our Walk/Bike to School Event Planner

Prepare for a walk or bike to school day with these fun videos

Shed the Monster

Bike Safety Tips from First 5 LA

Watch this helmet fit video for tips to do it correctly. 

Watch this ABC Quick Check video to learn how to check your bike before each ride.

Check out this link to learn more about the essential rules of the road

Download the How to Draw a Bicycle or My Perfect Bicycle 

More Safe Riding Tips can be found HERE

October is Walktober!

Join us on a month-long celebration of active transportation. Each week, we’ll post 3 new activities to share with your family and friends to help you get out walking this month. Click on the images to download each week’s packet of files.

Weekly Challenges to make Walking to School more fun