Safe Travels

Introducing our new bicycle and pedestrian safety video series, Safe Travels.

We are super excited to launch Safe Travels, a video series focused on bicycle and pedestrian safety for teenagers.

Filmed from a kids’ perspective, Safe Travels videos will be kid-focused, creative and informative. The first video, Prepping Your Ride (ABC Quick Check) features three teenagers learning how to do a basic maintenance check on their bicycles before heading out for a ride. Other titles include: 4 Ways Always (pedestrian safety) featuring Morgan teaching her brother David the 10 Walking Rules and Your Head is like a Watermelon (helmet Safety) with Brianna schooling Joe on the importance of a helmet and Road Rules: Kids Bike Skills 101 (in production).

Creating an accessible library of online educational materials for kids will add a sense of appeal and acceptance to otherwise adult-oriented topics on safety. Additionally, by educating kids on safety and active transportation they will more easily and safely incorporate walking, biking and transit into their daily lives.

Safe Travels videos feature a student film crew and actors providing fantastic opportunities and an genuine peer-to-peer approach. They will also provide a much-needed resource to increase the safety of our most vulnerable users. This in turn will educate and foster good, safe practices and enthusiasm for taking advantage of active transportation and transit options around their local communities now and when Safer at Home directives are lifted.

Each video is accompanied by a simple worksheet to include in your lessons. Download each one here:

Prepping Your Ride: ABC Quick Check

4 Ways Always: Pedestrian Safety

Your Head is Like a Watermelon: Helmet Safety

Funding for this program was provided by a grant from SCAG’s Go Human program through the California Office of Traffic Safety (OTS).