Metro Safe Connections

Metro’s Safe Connections Festival in East L.A. We’re adding our Kids Bike Skills Workshop to this community event to teach essential safety and skills lessons that are applicable to walking as well as biking.

When: September 8, 2013

Where: East L.A. Civic Center, 4837 E 3rd St, Los Angeles, CA 90022 map

The Festival is designed to engage the community on how and why (or why not) they use public transportation. In addition to focus groups, various community and civic organizations set up exhibits and demonstrations on safety and healthy activities. Our bike skills course taught essential pedestrian and bike safety lessons to children of all ages. From observing traffic signals and stop signs to avoiding hazards and bike handling skills, the children learn by having fun.

Teaching children about stop signs.

Jim Shanman provides instruction on stop signs.

Bike instruction lesson.

Tana Ball teaches the basics of starting and stopping before they hit the course.

Teaching children how to properly stop their bikes.

Jim makes sure children recognize and understand stop signs, lessons they will use when walking as well.