Walgrove Gallery



Instructor Colleen works with a student on proper starting and stopping techniques

Principal Olivia and Walk ‘n Rollers’ Jim Shanman

A few of the parents getting ready for their 30 mile bike-a-thon ride.

Instructor Barbara explains the importance of scanning and signaling.

Instructors Cynthia and Bryan fit helmets, while parents listen in.

Instructor Liz Gather kids together.

Instructor Jessie explains how to avoid hazards.

Instructor Liz works with children on yielding and bike handling skills.


Olivia and Emiko


Walgrove Elementary principal Olivia discusses bies with Walk 'n Rollers' Jim Shanman

Instructor Cynthia prepares children for their neighorhood group ride.Walgrove had a terrific turnout of adults and children. 45 children registered for the Bike Safety Festival.