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Silver Sneaker Trophy

The El Marino Silver Sneaker Trophy

We encourage you to make this part of your weekly habit. Even if you park just a few blocks away and walk or bike the rest,  you are doing a lot to improve the health and safety at EMLS.

Take the 5 Block ChallengeAnd we have seen our 5 block challenge continue to grow. All we ask is 5 blocks a week. We  suggest picking a day of the week  that is easiest to manage and make an effort to park just 5 blocks away. The Bank or the bridge works well, or anywhere along MacDonald or near Berryman and Jefferson (near 7-11). The goal is to reduce traffic and pollution around the school and make walking and biking to school a part of  your lifestyle. So every block, each day helps. Remind your children to stop by the Cactus Garden on Fridays to get their blue card stamped. 5 stamps = a cool prize!

El MArino Walk 'n Roll Wednesday Punch Card

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Walk ‘n Roll Wednesday Remaining 2013-14 Dates:

Oct. 9, Nov 6, Dec 4, Jan 8, Feb 5, Mar 5, Apr 6, May 7, Jun 4

Our signature event is back! Join us each month as we walk, bike, skate and scoot to school. It’s a fun activity that promotes healthy, active living.
We have two meet up spots: on the bridge at Sawtelle, and at US Bank at Sepulveda and Sawtelle. We meet at 8 and start walking and rolling at 8:15.
And remember, Walk ‘n Roll Wednesday is designed to teach our kids how to safely and responsibly walk or bike to school, develop community awareness and learn life lessons, like responsibility and good decision making. It also helps reduce traffic, congestion and pollution around El Marino. So join the fun, but also make it a habit!
Watch for new punch cards this year and new prizes too!

Student Poster Exhibit

Walking and biking to school is fun and we know you love Walk ‘n Roll Wednesday for all kinds of reasons… and now we’d like to hear them. El Marino Walk ‘n Rollers is inviting students of all grades to create posters (up to 11″ x 17″) describing why walking and biking is important. Children can use any media as long as it can be laminated (markers, pencils, crayons, paint, glitter, collage…). Posters will be displayed throughout the month of October to celebrate “Walktober” and International Walk to School Day, October 9. Posters should be turned into the office no later than October 1.

Posters should be done in students’ free time but it is also a great opportunity for art projects in class (if desired) or for teachers to discuss the topic with students. Students will take pride in seeing their artwork displayed and will create an going marketing campaign on campus.


5 Block Challenge

We now have over 800 students and the traffic and parking around campus is getting worse. Help make a difference and help your children be more active by taking the 5 block challenge. It’s simple and fun and the children can win prizes too!

We always encourage you to walk or bike to school more often but not everyone can. Or at least not every day. So on the days you must drive, try parking a few blocks away and walk or bike the rest. We’re asking for just 5 blocks a week, so if you live one block away or 3 blocks away, by week’s end you’ve done your 5 blocks. If you live further away, try parking just a few blocks away once or more/week. Each Friday, a volunteer will be at the cactus garden to stamp kids cards. Prizes for every 5 stamps! Its that simple!


New Bike Rack for El Marino

The new bike rack is ready for use!

Our new bike rack is here!

El Marino won a free bike rack from Saris and the National Safe Routes to School Partnership. It was delivered May 30 and is ready for action!
Biking in groups is a fun way to experience car-free travel and build good bike skills and community awareness. Please join the fun, but note, helmets are required for all riders and if your child is not comfortable riding on the path or is not able to, please make sure an adult accompanies them.

Sra Rodriquez has won the past 4 events, so we’re looking for another class to step it up. Admittedly, it will be tough as the second graders had 15 of their 22 students participate. So the question is, who wants the Silver Sneaker Trophy most?

We’ve averaged over 200 kids each month this year, making El Marino’s even the most successful in Culver City. Next step is to turn those monthly participants into weekly – or even daily – walkers and rollers! Already walking or biking to school regularly? Great! Keep it up and form your own small group


EMLS’ first Walk ‘n Roll Wednesday in 2013 was October 3 in conjunction with International Walk to School Day and tallied 280 kids and countless parents! A big thank you to CA Assemblymember Holly Mitchell and Culver City Mayor Andrew Weissman for stopping by and cheering the kids on.

Walk, bike, skate and scoot to school each month with the El Marino Walk and Rollers!

New Punch Cards! Get 3 punches and receive a gift from Chubby’s Cruisers. Get all 9 punches and be entered to win a FREE BIKE! Plus, the punch card is good for 15% off any purchase at Chubby’s Cruisers, all year long!

Mark your calendars:

October 9  • November 6 • December 4 • January 7 • February 5 • March 5 • April 2 • May 7 • June 4
(dates subject to change)


  • US Bank (Sepuveda/Sawtelle)
  • Sawtelle Bridge at Culver Drive

US Bank NEW ROUTE: We’ll leave at 8:15, walk down Sawtelle to Hayter and cross at the new crosswalk. Ten head down Hayter (walkers and scooters on the right sidewalk, bikes in the street on the left side)

The Bridge will meet at 8:10 and leave at 8:15 heading down Sawtelle to McDonald, turn right to Purdue (8:20), left to the school passing Woolford (8:25) and (Orville (8:30) along the way. (easy parking along Culver Drive)

We’ll meet at 8:00 and leave at 8:15. If you can’t join us at the start, meet us along the way:


EMLS Walk 'n Roll Wednesday Map
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Why Walk to School?

Walking and biking to school is a great way to add a little activity to kids’ days. It also eases congestion around the school, creating a safer, cleaner neighborhood. But maybe most importantly, it teaches kids great life lessons, like responsibility and good decision making. Plus it demonstrates that a car is not the only method of transportation available to them. So join us and help our kids be better community members and better stewards of the future.

Take the Safe Routes to School Parent Survey Today!

In an effort to better understand the travel habits of our students, please download and complete this simple survey.

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Bike to School Week: 5/7-12

Today capped off El Marino’s Bike to School Week on a high note. Lots of people – kids and adults alike – took advantage of the free bike valet. Those who rode in left their cars behind, saving a bit of gas, reducing the cars circling the neighborhood looking for parking and got a little exercise in the process.  A perfect compliment to a perfect day of festivities. Congratulations to tall those who biked to school this week and received a few gifts from REI, Graphaids, Rising Hearts Bakery, Menchies and Polar Bottle. Here are just a few highlights of the week:

Monday: Polar Bottles

Wednesday: REI reflective legbands

Friday: Graphaids Goody Bags

One very full bike rack

Bike Valet at Childrens Festival

May 9: Bike to School Day – A Huge Success

27 kids biked to school today in celebration of National Bike to School Day. The bike rack was filled to capacity – and then some. Each student that biked received a free reflective arm band, courtesy of REI. In fact, each day this week, the kids that bike in will get a little prize for doing so. Monday, they each received a Polar Water Bottle, Tuesday a certificate from Rising Hearts Bakery. Thursday? Friday? You’ll have to bike in to see!

Remember, May 12 is Children’s Day. A free bike valet will be there to keep your bike secure. Leave the car behind and reduce the parking headache, and get a little exercise in the process. Plus free goody bags to the first 20 that bike to the event.


May 6: Kids Bike Safety Festival

EMLS Bike Safety FlierOver 125 kids joined us for this FREE all day festival featuring skills stations, booths, obstacle course, snacks and activities.  Culver City Mayor Andrew Weissman kicked off the event and we were joined throughout the day  Assemblymember Holly Mitchell, CCUSD President Karlo Silbiger. All participants went through a helmet fitt and bike check (courtesy of Chubby’s Cruisers, Cynergy Cycles and CORBA). The kids were taught:

  • Starting/stopping
  • Avoiding Hazards
  • Turning
  • Yielding
  • On-street ride to practice the lessons

Each of the kids also received completion certificates and signed a helmet pledge.



El Marino Language School’s Walk ‘n Rollers

Silver Sneaker Trophy

El Marino's Silver Sneaker Trophy

Thanks to everyone who joined in the fun and showed up for our Walk ‘n Roll Wednesday in April. We had a huge turnout with over 100 kids!  Congratulations to Sra Magana’s class for bringing home the Silver Sneaker Trophy. The kids had a great time and everyone got a little exercise.



EMLS Walk 'n Roll Wednesday flier

Click to download a PDF of the flier

Click to download a PDF



Walk 'n Roll Wednesday at El Marino Language SchoolWalk 'n Roll Wednesday at El Marino Language School