What we do

We believe in a community-based approach. We strive to engage all appropriate stakeholders to achieve a fun, interactive and successful project that incorporates Safe Routes to School best practices. School-based programs are designed to work within a school’s capacity. Grant funded programs are designed to be efficient and cost effective, with an emphasis on serving as a turn key operation.

Walk ‘n Rollers provides a host of activities designed to get your kids waking and rolling to school. Please CONTACT US for details.

  • Outreach and Education
  • Kids Bike Skills Workshops (Bike Rodeos)
  • Walk ‘n Roll Festivals
  • On-campus bicycle and pedestrian workshops
  • Adult “Safe Cycling” Classes
  • Private Bike Safety & Skills Instruction
  • Consultations

We provide complimentary consultation and basic guidelines for starting walking school buses, bike trains and more. We believe these tools should be available to everyone so we can all help get kids Walking and Rolling!

Outreach, Education, Encouragement. Bike rodeos are fun, but developing a comprehensive, ongoing walk-bike to school program is what effects change. From walk to school days to walking school buses, a school-wide Safe routes to School Program reminds kids every day the values and benefits of walking or biking to school. Walk ‘n Rollers can help your school craft an innovative and comprehensive encouragement program, to collectively get students, walking and biking to school more often. Combined with effective promotion and education components, your school can soon be walking and rolling!

Kids Bike Skills Workshops (Bike Rodeos) are ideal for a shorter time period (2-4 hours), limited space and /or as one station as part of a community even such as a health fair. Kids Bike Skills Workshops are designed to be short obstacle courses to teach children to look four ways before crossing and walk bikes across crosswalks, identifying and understanding traffic lights and stop signs, how to properly start and stop their bicycles, bike handling skills and yielding to other road users. When appropriate educational crafts, helmet giveaways and bike repair help to attract and engage families.

Walk ‘n Roll Festivals are stand-alone events to build capacity for safe routes programs or emphasize safety lessons taught during other activities. They feature several skills stations that children progress through, learning essential bicycle safety techniques. Upon completion of all stations, they are lead by instructors on an on-street bike ride in the adjoining neighborhood to practice what they have learned (when appropriate). Some of the stations and lessons learned include:

  • Helmet fitting
  • Bike adjustments/repair
  • Starting/stopping
  • Hazard avoidance
  • Yielding
  • Scanning, signaling, turning
  • Bike handling skills

Walk ‘n Roll Festivals sometimes feature additional components such as parent workshops, group walks, community booths and kids activities. Our team is comprised mostly of League Cycling Instructors (LCIs) certified by the League of American Cyclists and especially great with children and crafting age-appropriate messaging.

On-campus Pedestrian and bicycle education workshops Children learn best by doing which is why we developed programs that can be taught on school campuses. Whether during P.E., after school or during Spring and Summer camps, our on-campus activities are educational, immersive and most of fun for the kids. With our fleet of bicycles and scooters of all sizes, we can accommodate any age group of any size.

Adult Safe Cycling Classes are a great way to communicate to your community or business that you are serious about bike safety. Education is often a missing component of many cycling infrastructure improvement projects or encouragement programs. If your city or business is trying to increase the numbers of cyclists, recreationally or as commuters, providing safe cycling classes is a key component. We offer several levels of classes including Basic (90 minutes – ideal for lunch and learns), Intermediate (3 hr) and Advanced (7 hrs). All our classes are based on the League of American Bicyclists “Safe Cycling” curriculum and include a discussion on traffic safety, commuting and ride-readiness. The intermediate and advanced classes also include on bike instruction. Contact us for more information or to schedule a class today.

Private Learn to Ride Lessons. Some children take to riding a bike quickly and easily. Others need a little more time. We recognize that every child’s enthusiasm, skills and abilities are different. We teach people of all ages how to safely learn to ride. We’re happy to work with your child to help them become more comfortable on their bikes and learn to ride more safely in the process. With our simple, fun and engaging process, kids (and adults) usually are riding on one lesson. We also teach basics such as helmet fitting and starting and stopping to more involved concept like turn signals, scanning and avoiding hazards. The kids have so much fun, they forget they are actually learning skills!