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Hey kids! Are YOU a Walk ‘n Roller?

Girl riding her bike home from schoolBeing a Walk ‘n Roller is fun and easy. If you walk, ride your bike or scooter or skate to school, then you are already a Walk ‘n Roller!

If not, suggest to your parents to walk or bike to school with you at least once a month (once a week is even better).  You can even get a group of friends to do it together. How cool is that?

Cars are important but too many around the school is noisy, smelly and dangerous. If we can all leave our cars at home once  a month, we can make our neighborhoods happier places. You can help by becoming a Walk ‘n Roller today!

Download these cool things to make your biking and walking fun AND safe:

Helmet tips

Helmet Safety: Wearing a helmet is important, but wearing it PROPERLY is essential. Follow these easy steps to make sure your helmet fits correctly:

Helmet Fitting (page 1) (page 2)

Biking Dangers Activity Sheet

Fun Word Scramble

Family Safety Tips: Kids, tell your parents and siblings how to be safer