Walk ‘n Rollers was founded to encourage children to be more active, more often, more safely by walking and biking to school more.

Walking and biking to school helps kids and communities in so many positive ways. But walking and biking does not necessarily mean door to door, or even every day. Each block and every day not driven helps reduce traffic and pollution while teaching kids the value and fun of non-motorized transportation. So even if it’s just a few blocks each day or once a week, know that you are helping your children learn to be safer, more responsible and more environmentally aware.

We provide 4 core services:

Develop sustainable walk-bike to school programs for schools throughout LA County

Host bike safety activities, such as Kids Bike Skills Workshops and Walk ‘n Roll Festivals

Provide on-campus bicycle or pedestrian safety education programming, during PE or in classrooms

Work with cities to develop education and encouragement programs as part of their Safe Routes to School or transportation grant funded projects.

For details on these and other activities, please visit our Programs/Activities page

Walk ‘n Rollers was established to bridge the gap between cities that are improving their bicycle infrastructure and the user groups within those communities. We are a Project of LACBC, a 501(c)3 non-profit organization.