About Us

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Our Mission:

To empower school age children and their parents through education and training to safely and responsibly bike, walk, skate and scoot to and from school.

Our Vision:

To create a community environment where children and parents alike are comfortable using alternative modes of transportation, whenever they choose.

Walk ‘n Rollers was established to bridge the gap between cities that are improving their bicycle infrastructure and the user groups within those communities. We are a Project of LACBC, a 501(c)3 non-profit organization.

4 children walking home from schoolWe aim to educate, train and encourage people of all ages to ride their bikes more often. By building confidence, we can create a healthier, more sustainable community. Why is it important? To learn why a little more activity in your life leads to a healthier, more sustainable lifestyle, check out this video.

Bicycle Master Plans are fabulous. Safe Routes to School programs are wonderful. Our goal is to help communities maximize the benefits these programs offer by adding a comprehensive encouragement component so kids will want to bike or walk daily and parents will have the confidence to let them.

In the Spring of 2011, Jim Shanman came to realize that while there were plenty of programs and events to introduce kids to biking and walking to school, there were very few that concentrated on developing a comprehensive campaign to encourage kids to choose an alternative to driving every day. As a father of a third grader, lifelong cycling advocate and with a background in graphic design and marketing, Jim felt he could use his skills and passion to craft effective, ongoing campaigns that could be tailored to individual schools, communities, or cities.

The evidence is overwhelming. If more kids ride or walk to school, congestion around schools decreases, safety increases and kids get healthier. Healthier kids mean more engaged students and better grades. But the children are only part of the solution. Parents, administrators and community members must be involved as well. By including all of these stakeholders, the programs have a better chance at success.

When children learn how to safely and responsibly walk and bike to school, they also learn life lessons that not only help them be better members of the community, but better stewards of the future.

We also provide:

Let us help you make your community a safer, healthier more livable community!