3 Block Challenge

Each block and every day not driven makes a difference.

Be part of the solution!

We encourage parents to take the 5 Block Challenge by parking and walking 5 blocks to school at least once a week. Parking just a few blocks away goes a long way towards reducing traffic and pollution around your school while adding some extra activity to your child’s day. You’ll soon learn to cherish those few extra minutes of one-one-time with your child(ren)

Walking or biking to school on a regular basis is easier for some families than others. In an effort to reduce the traffic around the schools, we encourage parents to not drive within the school zone and park a few blocks from school and walking the rest. Consider this: if every parent who now drives their child(ren) to school committed to the 5 Block Challenge just one day a week, traffic around the school would be reduced by 20% each day.

If 5 blocks seems a challenge, start with 3. Soon 3 will become 4 and 4 will become 5!

Feeling pressed for time? For those who must drive, here are four suggestions on how to participate:

  1. Make it fun for the kids. Each day, count how many cars you pass in the queue or in the few  blocks your are walking.
  2. Commit to one car free (or drive-less) day each week. Pick one day that is easiest to manage and commit to driving within ½ mile of the school (that’s about five blocks) and walk the rest with your kids. You may have to readjust your schedule a bit, but it will be worth it. Both you and your children will love the extra time together and the extra activity. Tip: Once a month or once a week is a great place to start and work towards weekly or more.
  3. Build Community. Park at a friend’s house or a common meetup spot, like a park, and walk from there together.
  4. Carpool. Ask some friends if they would be interested in carpooling. 2-3 families can share the duties throughout the week and that means free mornings for the parents not driving and less cars at school sites. Tip: Start by asking parents in your child’s class if they would be interested.​